ZeoSand—100% Natural Zeolite

ZeoSand makes water crystal clear (DE-like clarity) and controls chloramine formation to reduce stinging eyes. ZeoSand saves water and energy and helps make swimming pool activities more enjoyable.

Weighs Less, So You Use Less

ZeoSand weighs half as much as an equal volume of sand. Imagine the sand grain as a marble and the zeolite grain as a sponge.

The density of a sponge (zeolite in ZeoSand) is much less than the density of the same-size marble (sand), but the volume of space occupied by each is equal. Because the sponge is less dense, it weighs less than the marble. This relates to bulk density—the weight of a specified volume of material divided by the volume occupied by that material. ZeoSand has a lower bulk density than sand.

It takes less zeolite (by weight) to fill a filter. Thus, 25 to 30 pounds (dependent upon filter) of ZeoSand replaces 50 pounds of sand and makes a far more effective filter media. See instructions for filters requiring more than 500 pounds.

ZeoSand® Benefits

  • Superior Water Clarity
  • Improves Sand-Filter Performance
  • Removes Eye-Burning Chloramines
  • Easy to Use
  • Saves Water and Energy
  • Reduces Chemical Usage
  • Natural and Environmentally Safe




ZeoSand Reduces Backwash Time Up to 50%

ZeoSand traps more dirt and smaller particles in millions of tiny (1 micron to 15 micron) pore spaces distributed across a surface area 100 times greater than sand. Twenty-five pounds of ZeoSand provides 50 football fields of surface area, twenty-five pounds of sand, just half a field.

Water clarity improves noticeably within 24 hours. Crystal clear (DE-like clarity) water results after four days. Time between backwashes is greatly increased. ZeoSand traps the ammonium ions responsible for eye-burning chloramine formation through a molecular sieving action similar to a water softener. Sand lacks this critical capability. Fewer chemical-shock treatments are required to clear chloramines from swimming pools.




Renewable and Environmentally Safe

ZeoSand is more efficient and effective than sand, and its effectiveness is easily renewed. Refresh ZeoSand’s chloramine control with a salt water rinse. To renew the ammonium trapping capability of ZeoSand, Simply drain the filter, refill with a 10% salt solution, and let stand for at least two hours. Then, backwash to waste. Fewer chemicals need to be added to the pool.

In most cases, spent ZeoSand can be safely added to gardens. planter boxes, pots, or spread on lawns as a beneficial soil additive. ZeoSand may also be discarded as a non-hazardous waste.