ZeoSand—Filter Media for Sand Replacement

Zeolites greatly improve performance of sand filters without added work. Follow these step-by-step instructions to fill sand filters with ZeoSand, or to refresh ZeoSand’s ammonium trapping capacity.

Greater Surface Area Traps Smaller Particles

ZeoSand is a high-purity natural zeolite. The surface area of ZeoSand is 100 times greater than sand, thus allowing smaller particles to be trapped. ZeoSand’s larger surface area greatly improves water clarity and increases the
time between backwashes.

ZeoSand traps and holds ammonium ions (sand does neither). Less ammonia means fewer eye-burning chloramines and reduces the need for chemical shocks (lowering chemical expenses). The ammonium trapping qualities may require regeneration.

Under normal conditions, ZeoSand needs to be replaced about as often as sand. After filter use, ZeoSand may be added to your garden or potted plants as a soil conditioner or simply discarded as a non-hazardous waste.