ZeoSand—Superior Pool Filtration Media

ZeoSandNatural Zeolite Filter Media
ZeoSand Natural Zeolite Filter Media, is a superior replacement for sand in swimming pool sand filters. By rendering pool water crystal clear and controlling eye-irritating chloramine formation, ZeoSand helps make swimming and other pool activities far more enjoyable. ZeoSand is used for filtration in private and public swimming pools, water parks, aquariums, aquaculture and zoos. It can also be used to help purify municipal water supplies and waste water. A honeycomb-crystal structure and remarkably high surface area make ZeoSand a far better filtration medium than sand. Not only is ZeoSand Natural Zeolite Filter Media highly effective, but its potency can be renewed by means of simple salt-water backwash.

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ZeoFiberNatural Alternative to Diatomaceous Earth
 ZeoFiber, Natural Alternative to Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.), is environmentally safe, non-toxic and biodegradable. ZeoFiber does not contain silica and is a renewable resource. Use ZeoFiber in D.E. filters as a replacement for diatomaceous earth. ZeoFiber’s long natural cellulose (wood pulp) fibers crosslink to form a web that has greater filtering capacity than D.E. Add ZeoFiber to sand and cartridge filters as a filter aid to improve water clarity. With extended times between backwash cycles, you will use les water chemicals and filter media, making ZeoFiber an economical D.E. alternative.

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ZeoSand Natural Zeolite Filter Media traps more dirt and smaller particles than sand, making it a superior filtration medium!

Each bag of ZeoSand is 100% natural zeolite of the highest quality commercially available.

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