Natural, Safe, Biodegradable

ZeoFiber is a blend of natural cellulose fibers that replaces the diatomaceous earth (D.E.) and is widely used as a filter aid in sand cartridge filters.

One Pound of ZeoFiber Replaces Eight Pounds of D.E.

Open ZeoFiber is an all-natural, biodegradable and environmentally safe alternative to D.E. for use in all pools and spas. ZeoFiber is 100% pure cellulose fiber that filters better than D.E. (down to 2-4 microns) and gives your water a clearer, more polished look.


DE or Pre-coat Filters: Conversion to ZeoFiber

Step 1. Thoroughly clean filter before converting from DE to ZeoFiber.

Step 2. With your filter area and the below table, calculate the amount of ZeoFiber for your filter.

ZEO, Inc.: ZeoFiber Conversion

(A normal DE scoop holds about 5 times more than the measuring cup included in the package.)

Step 3. Slowly add ZeoFiber to skimmer with the pump running.

Note: ZeoFiber removes more dirt that DE, during the first few filter cycles after converting to ZeoFiber. These cycles may be shorter than future filter cycles.

Routine Backwashing

Step 1. When the filter pressure increases about 10 pounds above the starting pressure, backwash until
water runs clear.

Step 2. Place the filter in rinse mode for 15 seconds. Use filter mode for 15 seconds, if rinse mode is not
available on your filter.

Step 3. Repeat Step 1 and 2 two more times.

Step 4. In the filter mode and with the pump running, recharge your filter.

Phosphate removers and sequestering agents may cause pressure to build up more quickly and shorten the filter cycle time. When clarifiers and coagulants are used, the filter should be backwashed within a few hours after these materials are filtered.

NSF/ANSI Standard 50 certification testing showed that 3 pounds of ZeoFiber is equivalent to more than 25 pounds of DE. Less ZeoFiber was needed to charge the filter than DE, and the smaller ZeoFiber filter charge lasted longer.

Cartridge Filters

For longer cartridge life and finer filtration, add ZeoFiber as a filter aid to your cartridge filter. Dirty cartridges are easier to clean when ZeoFiber is used.

Using ZeoFiber

Step 1. Clean your cartridge filter.

Step 2. With your cartridge area and the below table, find or calculate the amount of ZeoFiber for your filter.

ZEO,Inc. Chart 2: Using ZeoFiber
Step 3. Slowly add ZeoFiber to skimmer or pump return with the pump running. The filter pressure
should increase about 1 pound (psi).

Step 4. When the filter pressure increases about 10 pounds, clean the cartridge filter per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Sand Filter

By adding ZeoFiber to your sand filter, smaller dirt particle are removed, and water clarity is quickly

Step 1. Backwash until the water flow is clear and return filter to filter mode.

Step 2. Slowly add ZeoFiber to the skimmer or thepump return while the pump is running until the filter
pressure increases one pound.

With your filter diameter and the below table, find or calculate the maximum amount of ZeoFiber for
your filter.

ZEO, Inc. Chart 3: ZeoFiber  in Sand Filter
CAUTION : When water is very dirty, the filter pressure will increase quickly. The filter pressure should be checked frequently.

Step 3. Backwash after 24 hours or sooner if the pressure increases about 10 pounds.

Step 4. Repeat Steps 1 through 3, until the water is completely clear water.