Zar-Min versus NovaSil

Since 1983, Zar-Min and NovaSil have been used throughout the world interchangeably in various feed applications. Research findings confirm that Zar-Min and NovaSil give similar results in industrial aflatoxin feeding trials.

Academic and contract researchers confirm that both Zar-Min and NovaSil give positive results in rations containing aflatoxin fed to various species. When used in aflatoxin contaminated rations, however, Zar-Min typically gave numerically better results than NovaSil. In some studies these differences were statistically significant.

Many companies want a screening test to confirm the equivalency of Zar-Min and NovaSil. A convenient and inexpensive test that can be conducted in house or at a local laboratory is the absorption of aflatoxin from an aqueous solution. Over a range of test conditions and concentrations, typical test results show that Zar-Min absorbs nearly 100% of the aflatoxin while NovaSil absorbs about 90%. In a university test, Zar-Min absorbed the same amount of fumonsin as NovaSil. However, in the same trial Zar-Min absorbed 700% more zeralanone and 1,400% more vomitoxin than NovaSil absorbed.