Zar-Min Natural Zeolite
Feed Additive for Animals

Zar-Min is used as a natural zeolite feed additive by producers of beef cattle, dairy cows, horses, broilers, commercial egg layers, swine, sheep, rabbits and turkeys. It is FDA approved for use as an anti-caking agent.

ZAR-MIN Use Level

Zar-Min Feed Additive Use Level

  • 2 to 20 kgs. (5 to 45 lbs.)
  • Per tonne (ton) of Complete Feed

Reformulation of the energy, salt or other
ingredients in the ration is not necessary,
but some users reformulate to make their
rations isocaloric.


Some researchers and customers believe that Zar-Min natural zeolite feed additive improves the dispersion of the ration ingredients by reducing agglomeration.

Zar-Min natural zeolite feed additive has no caloric value and is not a therapeutic.

Zar-Min’s mechanism for improving the economics is due to the natural zeolite structure binding the mycotoxins on the surface, and ionically buffering the digestive tract. Due to the surface CEC, the Zar-Min surface is polar and will attract the complex and polar mycotoxin molecules.

The internal CEC binds positively charged ions such as the ammonium cation. When excess ammonia builds up in the digestive tract, Zar-Min natural zeolite feed additive will ion exchange into the lattice, thereby reducing the toxic effects of excess ammonia.

Natural Zeolite Feed Additive Field Trial Results

Years of successful field testing have been conducted. Since 1983, companies worldwide have included Zar-Min natural zeolite feed additive in their feeding program.