Z-Ultra Fine Grind Natural Zeolite

Z-Ultra’s small particle and low cost make this product a cost-effective replacement in a wide range of applications. Some commercial users find that Z-Ultra is a pound-for-pound replacement for fine-particle fumed silica and sodium aluminosilicate products.

Z-Ultra Fine Grind offers a smaller particle size and lower moisture content than any other commercially available natural zeolite product. This makes Z-Ultra ideal for filler, carrier and anti-caking applications, which require high surface area. Customers’ finished products remain dry with these moisture-absorbing properties, assuring high product quality.


At a 4.5 micron average size, Z-Ultra Fine Grind is the smallest particle-size natural zeolite that is commercially available. This small size is hard to visualize. Perhaps this will help—if a grain of sand is magnified to be the size of a basketball, under the same magnification, the grain of Z-Ultra would be about half the size of the original sand grain.