ZeoSand, a far more effective filter media than sand, makes water crystal clear and helps prevent eye irritating chloramines.



Mined from a unique natural zeolite, EcoSand is crushed and screened to meet the needs of golf course and horticultural professionals.



The cellulose fibers of ZeoFiber trap smaller particles, resulting in cleaner, clearer water—a natural alternative to D.E.



Zar-Min Feed Additive is used by beef and dairy cattle, broiler, commercial egg, swine, sheep, and turkey producers.

Decades of research on natural zeolite soil amendments show that the benefits are related to improved nutrient utilization by the plant. These benefits are not specific to any plant type, geographical region, or climate. This research documents the effect of natural zeolites upon macro, micro, and trace nutrients. Dr. Fredrick A Mumpton’s La roca magica: Uses of natural zeolites in agriculture and industry (Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA Vol. 96, pp. 3463–3470, March 1999 Colloquium Paper) and his many other publications give an overview on the wide range of applications for natural zeolites in agriculture >
Test results reveal that EcoSand has a high cation exchange capacity and contains over 75 elements including macro, micro, and trace elements. Many elements in EcoSand are in large enough quantities to be beneficial in plant and turf growth. Review test data >  
Broiler research, with diets including  Zar-Min Feed Additive show improved feed efficiency and proved effective in controlling the detrimental effects of aflatoxins. See trial data >
Swine research shows that the vitalizing effects of a zeolite diet can be transferred from mother to offspring. Review the data from experiments at the Ichikawa Livestock Experiment Station where piglets showed a substantial increase in growth rate >
Turkey research with diets including Zar-Min Feed Additive reveal an increased feed efficiency and weight gain. View the test results and data >
Egg layer research trials reveal that a diet supplemented with Zar-Min Feed Additive, fed to Babcock Commercial Layers, produced more eggs and improved layer mortality rates. View trial results >
About ZEO, Inc.
For over 30 years, ZEO has conducted research and done extensive field trials with natural zeolites. F.L. “Pete” Bunger, PhD, President of ZEO, Inc. is recognized throughout the world as a technical resource on the commercial uses of natural zeolites…more
What is a Zeolite?
Synthetic and natural zeolites are hydrated aluminosilicates with symmetrically stacked alumina and silica tetrahedra which result in an open and stable three-dimensional honeycomb structure with a negative charge…more
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Natural zeolites’ three-dimensional honeycomb structure creates a framework through which liquid and gases can be exchanged . . .

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